Yoshio Terada

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Yoshio Terada is a Java Champion, board member of the Japanese JUG and one of the most influencial Java evangelists in Japan. He started as a GlassFish evangelist at Sun Microsystems in 2005. After Sun Microsystems got acquired by Oracle, he became a Java evangelist at Oracle Japan. In 2015, he joined Microsoft and is now promoting Java on cloud (Azure) technologies like IoT, Cognitive Service, Bot, Serverless and Kubernetes. His love for Java and the Java Communities was honoured in 2016, when he officially became a Java Champion.

The Experience of Java on Kubernetes with Microservices from HackFests

This is a case study on how to get started with Kubernetes and Docker for production environment.  We sat down with several large enterprises and did a 5 day Hack-a-thon where we helped them to learn how to use the latest Kubernetes tooling for production.


For example you can learn

Migration from on-premise to Kubernetes with Lyft & Shift style.

How to do the Blue/Green and Canary

How to create CI/CD environment for Kubernetes with few hours.

Trouble Shooting : How to solve the problem of Kubernete?

How to create the High Available and Secure environment for k8s?


There is a lot you can learn from their experience to help your own organization make the leap to a modern Kubernetes with DevOps practices.

Finally you can see interesting demonstration which operate the Kubernetes by text(Slack) and voice message.