Remigius Stalder

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* MSC in theoretical physics @ Basel University
* Owner and founder of Descom Consulting Ltd. (since 1991)
* Longtime experience in software development for medium to large enterprises
* Tech lead and general handyman of Vanillaplan™ (SaaS)
* Speaker @ BaselOne 2017

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Hands-On Session Rancher 2.0 - The Fun of Containers

As container orchestration wars currently trend in favor of kubernetes (k8s), the new major release of the open-source container management platform Rancher 2.0 ( and is riding the crest of the wave by embracing k8s as its container orchestration engine. Adding essential functionality as well as convenience to k8s, it is a strong candidate for container management of small, medium and up to somewhat large oranizations (maybe not quite internet scale - yet). In this hands-on session you have the opportunity to hang loose while setting up a Rancher instance, spinning up some clusters (in the cloud / possibly on your laptop) and throwing some workloads at it (demo app / bring your own).
We will perform more or less the following (suggestions from the audience may be accounted for):
* set up a Rancher instance with github authentication for all participants
* walk-through
* spin up some (k8s-) clusters in the cloud (cloud VMs sponsored by Descom Consulting Ltd.)
* add additional services, like: Alerting (Prometheus AlertManager), Logging (Fluentd), CI/CD (Jenkins)
* browse the catalog and install some apps
* run a web application or two
Make sure to register on github and bring a laptop in order to participate. If you would like to bring your own workload, please have it ready as a set of container images together with a docker-compose.yml to increase the likelyhood of seeing it running at the end of the session.