Samuel Snopko

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I'd like to see myself as frontend knight, designOp and UX/Design enthusiast, who is building bridges between developers and designers. Although frontend can make you insane, I still think it's best job ever, living at the cutting-edge of technology.

Works for WONDROUS LTD located in Basel (Switzerland), lives in Freiburg (Germany) and was born in Slovakia. Freshly baked dad and happy husband, but tries to do frontend talks from time to time in the Basel-Freiburg area. Co-organizer of Digital Experience Meetup.

Twitter: @SamuelSnopk

Design your living Styleguide

Are you already using a living styleguide or a pattern library on your projects? No?! Than this is the right time to dive into it. The big "why" will be answered and I will show you real world examples, how to do it. You don't have to do the same mistakes we did.

I will be talking about the component based living styleguide, inspired by the "atomic design" from Brad Frost. It's important to understand, that "atomic design" and "living styleguides" do not change only workflow of frontend developers, but it also requires shift of the whole project workflow. This creates a lot of new challenges. I will describe the problems we faced, and the lessons we learned in Wondrous LTD. Than I will jump into our current solution.