Markus Tiede

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Besides his many years of experience in test automation, Markus recently gained a lot of insights during his daily business working as a release manager and engineer in an ongoing large-scale insurance enterprise project called Galileo at the Basler Versicherungen in Switzerland.


Pipelining quality - best practices, lessons learned and tools for continuous delivery processes

In this talk Markus will share hands-on project experience for building and maintaining CI processes applicable in small and large enterprises projects.
After a short introduction to the project context Markus will focus on best practices, lessons learned and tools used within automated deployment chains based on state-of-the-art Jenkins pipelines.
In this talk you will join the journey of an epic, a user story and a bugfix from its beginning as requirement or defect,
over its implementation in source code, to both static and dynamic code quality assurance mechanisms, its rollout in integration and acceptance stages, up to its deployment, monitoring and maintenance in production.
This talk aims at anyone interested in general ideas and means for continuous integration techniques in both agile and classic project layouts.